About Us


Since 2018

Fashion, style and high quality: this is all about Alex Retail.

ALEX is one of the leading Armenian fashion brands that designs, manufactures and sells clothing and accessories for all seasons for women, men and kids, following modern fashion trends.

It’s hard to feel good if you don’t feel comfortable, and ALEX understands this very well. ALEX provides an assortment of clothing all year round, bringing Armenian clothes worldwide to those who choose quality and style. ALEX's range of fabrics makes it possible to pick the right clothes for the season.

Since the day of its foundation in February 2018, it has been committed to helping its customers express their style by providing the best possible shopping experience in its stores and online through Alexyvn.com, and from 2022, in the international market as well. Keeping modern technologies, high-quality materials and product availability in mind, ALEX’s pricing policy proves that you can be comfortable and stylish in any budget.

Partnering with the world's leading consumer trend forecaster, WGSN, ALEX constantly follows fashion trends to create clothing that meets consumer demand. ALEX collaborates with the designers, working from different parts of the world, who not only provide customers with the most sought-after styles of each season, but also create new trends every year.

ALEX is constantly working on providing more opportunities to serve a larger number of visitors. ALEX takes the time to listen, understand and evolve to meet the changing needs of modern fashion, always focusing on delivering the best value for money. Tens of thousands of customers around the world already trust ALEX to provide style and comfort every year.

As the leading fashion company in the region, ALEX pays special attention to relevant initiatives, helping to spread important messages and contributing to the overall development of the industry.