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Children have their own personal sense of style, and it can be very difficult to find something that you find comfortable and quality and they think is stylish and cool. At ALEX, we understand the needs of both and are confident that our extensive collection of children's clothing will meet your needs in style, quality and comfort. From casual and lounge wear to party dresses and stylish suits, we have everything moms need to make sure their kids always look stylish. With a variety of designs, materials and colors at ALEX, every parent can create a collection that matches their child's personality. Harsh and low-quality materials can irritate your child's delicate skin and cause rashes and discomfort, and when shopping for children's clothing at ALEX, you will find that we are extremely careful about quality and comfort, which are the most important factors in children's clothing. Thanks to simplified search, selection and payment systems, you will enjoy your online shopping on our website.


Choose delicate and beautiful skirts and dresses from simple casual to sparkly and embellished designs for various special occasions and events. Designed for girls of all sizes and ages, ALEX’s T-shirts and shirts are a wardrobe must-have. Shop for trousers and shorts, pair with trendy blouses, hoodies and sweatshirts and see how easy it is to create the perfect outfit for your little girl. Our sets offer combinations curated by style experts. Made from soft fabrics, our pajamas, underwear, socks and tights keep your baby warm and are gentle on her skin. Our jackets and coats will keep your little one as comfortable as stylish during the colder months, just add accessories like a scarf, gloves, hat and the perfect winter look is ready.


Your baby will feel comfortable while exploring the world around them in our bodysuits and jumpsuits suitable for both boys and girls. With our collection of skirts and dresses for newborns, your little girl will stand out wherever she goes, while polo shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts will give your boy the perfect stylish look. Pair our brightly printed Т-shirts with trousers and shorts, or choose from our sets with ready-to-wear stylish combinations, and your little one will be ready to play or go out with mommy and daddy. ALEX’s quality underwear, pajamas, socks and tights are a must, because they also affect health. We know that functionality is important when it comes to baby jackets and coats, but good looks are just as important.


ALEX has clothes for your little one all year round, from cool and light T-shirts and shirts for summer to thick and warm hoodies and sweatshirts for winter that go great with our excellent collection of shorts and trousers. To make your child's sleeping hour more enjoyable, get comfortable pajamas with interesting prints from ALEX. The all-cotton fabric is specially designed for sensitive skin, which is perfect for making baby underwear. ALEX offers socks and tights for every taste that are designed for confident walking thanks to their functionality and quality fabrics. Prepare your boy for the colder months with jackets and coats and check out our range of accessories, from hats to scarves and gloves.


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