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Does your wardrobe need an update? From everyday to special occasions and everything in between: with us you can get the perfect look that suits your style. ALEX’s menswear collection offers the latest styles made from high quality materials and fabrics. Comfortable, stylish and full of bright prints and colors, our range of clothes will provide you with the best outfit for any occasion. The clothes we offer are designed to be part of your wardrobe for years to come thanks to high-quality materials and stitching. Each season brings a new collection of casual and office style to create a unique look that will help you impress.


Made from soft and insulating materials, our jackets and coats combine quality construction and trendy winter styles to keep you warm during the colder seasons. Vests keep warm the part of the body that needs it most without restricting freedom or adding extra bulk. Knitwear has become an integral part of the winter collection, favored for both form and function. A neatly dressed man pays attention to details: browse practical and stylish hats, scarves and gloves in ALEX's accessories range.

Wear ALEX's versatile hoodies and sweatshirts wherever you go: while relaxing at home on the weekends, walking, working or playing sports. Made from comfortable and durable materials, our T-shirts offer everything from casual to bold styles. Complete your collection of trousers and shorts with ALEX's on-trend range, from classic to sporty, from jeans to chinos and joggers.

ALEX shirts come to the rescue during the more formal events on your calendar, creating an impressive business look. At ALEX, you'll find smart casual polo shirts with a traditional collar and button-down neck that perfectly bridge the gap between work and casual wear. Our collection of blazers is perfect for looking your best at business meetings and special occasions.

The perfect look starts with a comfortable foundation: to enjoy all-day comfort, wearing quality underwear is a must. Your shoes are only as comfortable as what you wear inside them: ALEX’s socks made from cotton, bamboo, cashmere and other high-quality materials go great with any trousers or shorts. To get a good night's sleep, you need the right pajamas, which should also be stylish enough to open the door without feeling embarrassed. With a mesh lining, drawstring waist and pockets, our swimwear are designed for the best beach weekend and quick drying.


A man's clothes shape his personality. Whether it's at work, hanging out with friends, formal events or even training, always look your best by choosing the right clothes. Young professionals are extremely immersed in global fashion and men know exactly how they want to look. ALEX offers a spectacular collection of menswear that will impress. Regardless of the occasion and your fashion sense, ALEX makes it easy to find the right combination of outfits for you, eliminating the need to visit different stores with its wide online selection. You can make your choice from the comfort of your home or office and we'll deliver it to your doorstep.


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