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Now is the right time to add ALEX men's hoodies and sweatshirts to your collection. The clothes in our constantly updated range have all the features you need: drawstring hoods, kangaroo pockets and cotton softness. Whether you wear it for lounging at home on the weekends, going for a walk, to work or as an extra buffer layer for training during the winter months, we offer a variety of styles, colors and thicknesses so you'll always find one that fits the moment. Visit this page more often to be the first to check new products and special offers.

For quite a long time, a sweatshirt was considered homewear, meant for lounging on the couch, working out at the gym, or maybe for a quick trip to the neighborhood store. Style was out of the question, as a sports sweatshirt and pants were seen as the opposite of that. This perception was unfair, and we are happy to prove otherwise.


To be provided with warmth in the cool season, a sweatshirt made of quality and natural raw materials is necessary for everyone. Sweatshirt can be combined with a blazer or jacket, or worn separately. It usually does not have additional elements such as a button and a zipper. On the other hand, a hoodie has a hood as an extra element that comes to the rescue in strong winds and provides additional warmth and protection for the head and ears, and very often hoods also have drawstrings to tighten them. Some hoodies can be worn open thanks to the zipper. Handy kangaroo pockets can fit small items such as keys, phone and handkerchief.

ALEX offers all the colors you're looking for, from gray or black sweatshirt to hoodies in bright shades of green and red. We also have options with graphic prints and bold patterns that add a more interesting look to the outfit. A sweatshirt may be seen as a simple garment, but it is a versatile piece of clothing in a man's wardrobe. It can be worn alone, as part of casual wear or layered, and even incorporated into formal wear. ALEX's collection of men's hoodies and sweatshirts is designed to protect you from the cold so that you look stylish and comfortable at any time of the year.


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