Men’s socks | ALEX YVN
Your shoes are only as comfortable as what you wear inside them. You won't feel completely satisfied without the right pair of socks for men, even if you have the most stylish and functional shoes. ALEX's quality cotton socks not only allow you to get many stylish outfits, but also protect your feet from injury and go well with any shoes, trousers and shorts. Browse ALEX's range of stylish cotton socks, available in a wide range of colors, prints and designs.


- Light and quality cotton socks that give you extra coolness and comfort thanks to their ability to absorb moisture. Mercerization enhances the natural characteristics of cotton, making it more durable, extra soft and increasing the ability to absorb moisture.
- Soft and lightweight viscose socks that retain their appearance for a long time and feature thermoregulating properties.
- Men's socks made of acrylic fabric that provide incomparable warmth and long-lasting vibrant colors.
- Men’s socks made of bamboo fabric, which have UV protection properties. They are soft, non-irritating and perfect for people with sensitive skin.
- Cashmere socks for men. It is a natural fabric obtained from cashmere goats and is a high quality raw material for any garment. Cashmere fabric is light, quite warm, softer than silk, very strong and durable. It is the perfect choice for those who value quality first.

- No show socks, invisible inside shoes, thanks to the innovative design of which you can wear stylish shoes without fear that the men’s socks will ruin the whole look. They are equipped with anti-slip silicone at the heel area, adapted to the anatomical structure of the foot and fit comfortably.
- High quality winter socks for men that are thick enough to keep your feet warm, as it affects health as well. Made of soft and quality cotton fabric, ALEX’s winter socks will provide you with unparalleled warmth on cold days when you need it most.
- It is necessary to wear special elastic socks with sports shoes. ALEX's lightweight, moisture wicking, soft and breathable socks will provide support exactly where the foot needs it when training or running.
- One-size socks for men that fit all feet, so you don't have to think about what size socks fit you anymore.


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