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The sun is setting later, the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, and your summer vacation is just around the corner. On warm days full of bright shining sun, nothing declares a beach vacation like new swimwear for men. If you're traveling to sunnier climates, don’t forget to pack your best shorts with you to truly enjoy your beach vacation. Get ready for the vacation with our selection of men's swimwear.


Going on a beach vacation or taking a dip at the local pool? Planning to spend most of your time on the waves or sitting in the gazebo? These are all things to consider when choosing a swimwear for men. For the best weekend at the beach, you need swim trunks made of durable and stretchy materials that are pleasant to the touch.

As every form of physical activity has its own specific clothing, swimming can only be done properly when you wear appropriate and comfortable swimwear. It must be specially adapted to wet conditions without losing comfort and style. With a mesh lining, drawstring waist and pockets, our swim trunks are made to dry quickly, wear comfortably and withstand intense activity. Lightweight fabric and thoughtful design allow you to move with comfort, whether you're setting a new personal record in the pool or just enjoying a relaxing time in the sand. The drawstring helps keep the shorts in place, and the UV-blocking fabric creates an extra layer of sun protection in areas where sunscreen is not available.


We offer men's swimwear in a variety of designs. Whether you’re looking for a short swimwear for men to make the most of the sun's rays for tanning, prefer longer shorts that can be worn during the day, or want to stand out at the beach with style, ALEX's range has options to suit your needs. Choose swimwear in a variety of lengths, fits and designs varying from simple monochrome to bright colors and graphic prints. Pair it with your favorite shirt or t-shirt, retro sunglasses and a hat, and your perfect pool look is ready. Enjoy the relaxation and let the swimwear express your personality.


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