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Ask any parent of a newborn baby what the most important item of baby clothing is, and the answer will be unanimous: baby bodysuits. Due to its high quality materials, shape and cut, it is the most comfortable clothing for your baby. ALEX’s children's clothing collection offers bodysuits with long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless, depending on the season.

Choose from styles for every season, including long-sleeve bodysuits for winter and sleeveless/short-sleeve bodysuits for summer. Made from super soft fabric, these comfortable bodysuits won't irritate a baby's delicate skin. It can be worn alone, under other clothes (as an undershirt), with socks or as summer pajamas. Soft, delicate and lightweight viscose fabric provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter. Add a unique sparkle to your little one's wardrobe with bodysuits with original prints. Featuring bold and simple colors, colorful patterns and fun graphic prints, these bodysuits come in the trendiest styles.


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