Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions in this section apply to anyone who interacts with the alexretailco.com website. Read the rules before shopping.


We may cancel and reject orders in some cases, of which we will give You detailed notice in advance.
Risk of loss
In case of loss of the parcel, we will fully compensate for Your order.
Prices and descriptions
Prices displayed for products on alexretailco.com represent the full retail price. If the ordered product does not match the photos or description on the site, You can request a return. Slight differences between the item shown and the actual item, including slight differences in color, are not considered a defect in the item. We do not take responsibility for duties and taxes, which may apply in the country of delivery


Fraudulent activities are highly monitored on our site, and if they are detected, the person performing the fraudulent activities is fully responsible for it.

Promo code

Promo codes are valid for a limited time. In case of disclosure of a personal promo code, we may cancel or block it, which we will notify You in advance.

Acknowledgment of Rights

Intellectual property is protected on the alexretailco.com website. The content of the site can not be copied, used or transferred to third parties.


The terms and conditions are governed and interpreted by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Disputes and disagreements arising between the parties are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.